Don Cabello Silk Touch – Proteins, Vitamins and Minerals - 100 Ml


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Don Cabello Silk Touch – Anti-frizz – Proteins, vitamins and minerals – Shine and silkiness

REPAIRS IN DEPTH: This serum has an avant-garde formula that concentrates ingredients and properties of high power and effect to recover the hair strand, revitalizing it in a deep way. Resulting in nourished hair with unmatched shine.

IDEAL FOR WEAKENED HAIR: Ideal for damaged, dry and weakened hair. The silk effect serum will recover the hair fiber, giving it back its lost movement and lightness. Helps comb and detangle hair easily, leaving hair silky smooth.

INNOVATIVE FORMULA: Developed by experts in the sector, with a formulation of natural origin that provides all the vitamins and properties that the hair needs for deep repair, providing shine, reducing damage and dryness. Ideal for all types of hair.

EASY APPLICATION: It should be applied to the ends of the hair before styling, with damp or dry hair. If you have damaged and dehydrated hair. It is also ideal to apply on the skin to give a juicy and hydrated effect. It does not need rinsing.

PROTECTS FROM EXTERNAL AGENTS: Don Cabello opts for high-tech formulas, knowing that pollution and environmental contamination are also the cause of hair damage. This serum protects the hair fiber from fateful UV rays, polluting gases and heat.

Are you looking for a hair product that adds shine, protects from heat and revitalizes it? Don Cabello's Silk Touch Serum has everything you need in one bottle!

Formulated by experts to offer you the latest technology for your hair. This powerful serum adds shine and lightness to the hair , for a sensation of extreme softness.

We know that currently the main causes of hair damage are external environmental agents such as smoke, pollution and polluted air that is breathed on a daily basis. This causes the hair to become weak and dull. Don Cabello's Silk Touch formulation combats, reverses and protects your hair against this damage .

It is ideal for all types of hair. Protects from deterioration caused by heat from tongs, irons and dryers; it also preserves hair against UV rays.

An easy way to treat your hair on a daily basis from home , without committing long hours in a beauty salon. Simply by applying a few drops to the ends without rinsing, your hair will be receiving a bomb of benefits, vitamins and minerals.

Ideal for use on wet or dry hair, it restores silkiness and helps to detangle hair easily and without damage. In addition , it can be used on the skin to give a touch of hydration and shine.

A few drops of Silk touch will be enough to restore the softness and movement of the hair without weighing it down. This treatment enhances the shine of the hair, while protecting it from damage . Dare to show off a healthy, nourished and shiny mane!

How to use: Apply multiple drops to wet or dry ends, style as usual. Do not clarify.