Don Cabello - Thermal Hair Protector - Iron and Tongs Heat Protector - Thermoprotective Spray - 250 Ml


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INNOVATIVE FORMULA: Don Cabello is a brand dedicated to helping you achieve the hair of your dreams without sacrificing your health, developing formulas using cutting-edge technology with professionals in the sector. Bringing out the best of natural ingredients that provide your hair with the necessary nutrients.

PROTECT YOUR HAIR: Formulated by experts in the area, Don Cabello's thermal protector helps prevent damage caused by the heat of straighteners, dryers and curling irons. Promotes shine and hydration of hair, preventing split ends and the appearance of straw hair.

ANTI-FRIZZ: With ingredients that help create an anti-static effect that you can notice from the first application, avoiding frizzy hair. Forming a protective shield that prevents damage from high temperatures.

PREVENT DAMAGE FROM UV RAYS: One of the main agents that damage the hair strand are UV rays since they penetrate and break the hair fiber causing split ends. With the Heat Protective Spray the incidence of this is reduced, promoting a mane of hair. healthy, silky and full of shine.

EASY APPLICATION: Shake before each use. Apply the product to the entire length of the hair, emphasizing the ends and bristly areas before using heat elements such as a straightener, dryer or curling iron. It can be used on damp hair. Does not need rinsing.

Are you one of those who regularly style their hair with straighteners or curling irons? Don't you know how to restore its shine and silkiness?

At Don Cabello we know your desire to have the hair of your dreams, silky and shiny that gives you an attractive look. If you frequently use straighteners and curling irons, we have the ideal solution that will bring life back to your hair.

It has an innovative formula that creates a protective barrier, preventing damage caused by high temperatures . With Don Cabello's thermal hair protective spray you can show off silky hair, say goodbye to frizz, split ends and brittle hair.

Improves frizz giving a simply magnificent result.

The heat protector is also designed to protect the hair strand from the fateful UV rays , which prevents irreparable hair damage when exposed to the sun.

Don Cabello brings you the most innovative, effective and natural products that will transform your hair simply and quickly. You will have strong, abundant and healthy hair.

How to use:

Shake before use. Apply to the entire hair extension focusing on the most damaged areas before applying heat.

This package includes:

1 bottle of 250 ml.