Don Cabello Natural Shampoo With Red Onion Extract

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Don Cabello Natural Odorless Red Onion Extract Shampoo – Paraben-Free Onion Shampoo Anti-Loss Purifying for Oily Hair – Volume Hair Growth for Fine Hair

Onion Shampoo – No Onion Smell: Enjoy all the benefits for your hair that red onion contains without sacrificing the fresh aroma of freshly washed hair. Deodorized onion shampoo.

Natural – Paraben Free: Purified water and onion bulb extract rich in vitamins and antioxidants that care for the scalp. 0% parabens. Purifying effect.

Hair Growth: Fill your hair with vitality. It contains avonoids , vitamins, antioxidants and sulfur compounds that, due to their antibacterial and astringent action, prevent hair loss and accelerate hair growth.

More Volume: For all hair types. Prevents excess oil and provides volume to fine and weighed hair. Natural ingredients that deeply cleanse the scalp and keep hair clean for longer.

Not Tested on Animals: Ethically manufactured in the European Union. Don Cabello professional shampoo is indicated for hair care for both men and women. Great savings format of 1L.

Shampoo with Deodorized Red Onion Bulb Extract

Is onion shampoo a natural hair growth accelerator?
Onion contains quercetin which improves blood circulation involved in hair growth. Furthermore, thanks to its antifungal and antibacterial action, it deeply cleanses and decongests hair follicles. The astringent and sebum-regulating effect gives strength to each hair in your mane that you will notice visibly healthier in just a few washes.

Don Cabello's Professional Hair Care Range selects only Premium ingredients for your hair. Natural without parabens for clean hair for longer. Complete your hair care routine with the wide range of Don Cabello professional products.

Why choose Don Cabello Red Onion Shampoo?

Professional Shampoo
Fresh aroma - No onion smell

Instructions for use: Apply to damp hair, massage lightly and rinse. Repeat the operation and let it act for a few minutes and rinse with plenty of water.