Don Cabello - Shampoo With Keratin and Argan Oil - 1000 Ml


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INTENSE NUTRITION: Indicated for normal to dry hair, with a powerful formulation that deeply penetrates the scalp, resulting in impurity-free and nourished hair. Maintain clean, healthy and nourished hair.

IDEAL FOR WEAKENED HAIR: Developed by experts in the area, Don Cabello's shampoo will restore the strength and nutrients your hair needs to avoid dryness and split ends, exerting an effect from the roots to the ends. Ideal for preventing and repairing damage.

FORMULATED WITH ARGAN OIL: Fortified with oil of vegetable origin that benefits the absorption of minerals and cleanses the scalp, helping to improve and prevent the appearance of dandruff, resulting in nourished and strong hair, preventing hair loss.

DEEP CLEANSING: Contains 1000ml of formula, with just the right concentration to provide effective cleaning. It is nothing more than applying to the wet scalp, letting it emulsify and giving gentle massages, rinsing with plenty of water. A deep and effective repair in a simple way in each wash.

WITH KERATIN: Keratin cannot be missing from our formulations, we know that today it has an effect that deeply nourishes and repairs the hair fiber, giving it a healthy and lively appearance, as well as protecting it from external agents.


Hair cleaning is a matter of debate, the truth is that a product with an adequate formulation will protect and prevent damage to both the hair strand and the scalp . Thinking about it, Don Cabello has developed a product that adapts to normal to dry hair with top quality natural ingredients without salts or sulfates.

With a powerful and effective formula that conditions the scalp, providing it with all the necessary nutrients, favoring circulation and decongesting the hair bulb.

Deep cleaning and hair full of life are some of the results provided by the keratin and argan oil shampoo, while providing all the necessary nutrients for its recovery and strengthening.

This shampoo is fortified with keratin that helps to strengthen, restore the shine and the health of the hair fiber , in addition to taking care of it from external agents; without a doubt it is an infaltable in your treatment.

Argan oil is the prodigy in the industry as it promotes healthy, strong hair, full of volume, softness and shine, while preventing the appearance of dandruff and split ends.

Don Cabello brings you the most innovative, effective and natural products that will transform your hair easily and quickly. You will have a strong, abundant and healthy mane.

How to use:

Apply a little of the product in the palm of the hand and spread on the scalp, allow to emulsify and massage gently. Rinse with plenty of water.

This package includes:

1 bottle of 1000 ml.