Don Cabello Hair Ampoules – Strengthens Hair Fibers – 12 Ampoules x 10 Ml

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Don Cabello Capillary ampoules – Hair treatment – ​​Strengthens the capillary fibers – Vegetable and protein extract – Volume and shine – 12 Ampoules x 10 ml.

INTENSIVE TREATMENT: Formulated to deeply penetrate the scalp to revitalize and recover the hair fiber, with rapid absorption and a pleasant texture. Ideal for all types of hair. A quick way to bring your hair back to life.

IDEAL FOR ABUSED HAIR WITH FRIZZ: With an effective and powerful action, Don Cabello ampoules will allow you to recover the strength and shine of your hair. Perfect to treat the action of seasonal changes such as summer or winter that affect its quality and growth.

FORMULATED WITH PROTEINS AND VEGETABLES: Among its ingredients is garlic, which benefits circulation in the scalp, promoting its growth. In addition, it has antifungal and microbial action which reduces and prevents the formation of dandruff. Promotes hair thickening.

EASY APPLICATION: Its pack of 12 vials are directly dosed to add the right amount in each treatment. It is nothing more than applying to the wet scalp and gently massaging it and combing. It does not need rinsing. Resulting in nourished, healthy and shiny hair.

HEALTHY HAIR: Thanks to Don Cabello's hair ampoules, you will have healthy, strong and abundant hair. With an easy application that will allow you to see remarkable results. Helps to close the hair cuticle, avoiding its porosity, anti-frizz and preventing or helping to stop hair loss.

Because we know that hair health goes from the inside out, at Don Cabello we have developed an effective formula that combats the main signs of hair damage , deeply penetrating the scalp, providing vitamins and minerals to promote its revitalization and healthy growth.

Fortified with garlic extract that contains a high concentration of nutrients and minerals that benefit hair health.

-Stimulates blood circulation, which promotes better oxygenation and resulting in growth and avoiding hair porosity .

- Gives shine and silkiness , in addition to creating a protective barrier from external agents such as heat, prolonged exposure to the sun, chemicals and more.

-With properties that eliminate and prevent the spread of bacteria that cause dandruff and other derived damage such as itching.

-Thanks to its benefits in the circulation of blood in the scalp, it helps to stop hair thinning, reducing its breakage .

Having a concentrated and effective product in ampoules, which helps to result in resistant, healthy and shiny hair . Repairs hair from root to tip.

It is the ideal product as a recovery treatment after a summer full of sun, beach, saltpeter and swimming pools or at the end of winter after exposing the hair to low temperatures . Even to prevent damage, these ampoules will restore life and volume to your hair.

Because your hair deserves the best products, dare to try Don Cabello ampoules and have healthy, strong and shiny hair.

How to use:

Apply the contents of one vial to a damp scalp, massage and spread over the entire section, combing through the hair. It does not need rinsing. It is recommended to alternate 4 vials the first week and then one per week until you notice the revitalization of the hair. (approximately 2 months).

This package includes:

1 pack of 12 vials of 10 ml.